Level Description
Level Your level affects your MaxHP and MaxMP.
MaxHP How much life you have.
MaxMP How much magic you have.
Spina This is the game currency.
Primary Stats Description
STR Increases critical damage and on most weapons also ATK.
INT Increases MATK and MDEF. There is also a minor increase in MaxMP. On magic weapons it also affects ATK.
VIT Increases DEF and MaxHP. The effect is the same on all weapons.
DEX Increases CSPD and HIT. Many weapons also gain ATK. There is also a minor increase in MATK.
AGI Increases ASPD and FLEE. Some weapons also gain ATK. There is also a minor increase in CSPD.
Personal Stats Description
CRT Increases Critical rate.
MNT Increases Ailment Resistance.
LUK Increases Drop rate from monsters.
TEC Increases the Success Rate of crafting and synthesis and Difficulty Level. MaxMP is also increased by 1 each point.
Secondary Stats Description
ATK Physical damage dealth increases as ATK gets higher.
MATK Magic damage dealt increases as MATK gets higher.
DEF Physical damage taken decreases as DEF gets higher.
MDEF Magic damage taken decreases as MDEF gets higher.
HIT Accuracy rate increases as HIT gets higher.
FLEE Dodge rate increases as FLEE gets higher.
ASPD Attack interfals are reduced as ASPD gets higher. Attack speed is accelerated when ASPD exceeds certain points.
CSPD Charge time and cast time are decreased as CSPD gets higher. Doesn't affect some skills.
Tertiary Stats Description
Natural HP RegenIncreases HP regeneration.
Natural MP RegenIncreases HP regeneration.
Critical RateIncreases your critical hit rate.
Unsheathe AttackIncreases damage of unsheathe attacks.
Short Range DamageIncreases damage dealt by short range attacks.
Long Range DamageIncreases damage dealt by long range attacks.
Physical PierceDecreases monsters DEF.
Magic PierceDecreases monsters MDEF.
Elemental ResistanceDecreases damage taken by element.
Physical ResistanceDecreases damage taken by physical attacks.
Magic ResistanceDecreases damage taken by magical attacks.
Evasion RateIncreases Evasion.
Guard RateIncreases Guard Rate.
Guard PowerIncreases Guard Power.
Ailment ResistanceIncreases the success rate of Ailment Resistance.
Drop RateIncreases drop rate.
Motion SpeedIncreases attack speed.
Additional Melee AttackDeals additional damage.
Additional Magic AttackDeals additional damage.
Melee Barrieronce every 20 seconds, reduce physical damage.
Magic Barrieronce every 20 seconds, reduce magical damage.
ReflectReflects damage to attacker.
Guard BreakDisable enemy Guard
AnticipateDisable enemy Evasion
Armor Type Description
Heavy ArmorIncreases Guard Rate by +10, Decreases Evasion by 10. Increases Guard Power by 25, unless Shield is equipped.
Light ArmorDecreases Guard Rate by +10, Increases Evasion by 10.
ShieldIncreases Guard Power amount.
Ailments Description
SlownessReduces movement speed
StopDisables movement
Knock-BackPushes you back 4m
Guard BreakDisables Guard
FreezeIncreases chance for critical damage
ParalysisReduces ASPD
SleepPrevents movement and action, effect ends when taking damage
BlindReduces Accuracy
SilenceDisables Magic Casting
BleedDisables Melee Skill
FatigueReduces attack speed
LethargyReduces damage dealt
WeaknessIncreases MP cost of all skills by 1
FearRandonly cancels any attack or skill, but MP is still consumed
Armor BreakReduces DEF/MDEF by half
DizzyIncreases damage taken by 25%
IgniteReduces health until 50%
PoisonReceives additional damage on every action
FlinchStunned for 1 second
TumbleStunned for 2 seconds
StunStunned for 3 seconds


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