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Consignment Board Consignment Boards allow you to buy and sell items. You can search for Items and Equipment and post up to 10 items to sell. Using the Consignment Board is a great way to make Spina by selling items made from Smithing and Alchemy.
Guild Bar Guild Bar lets you hang out with your guild at the Guild Bar. It also gives you access to the homes of your Guild Members. To go to the Guild Bar, click on Menu, Community, Guild, Go to Guild Bar.
Guild Mercenaries When you are in a guild, you can add Guild Members to your party to help you farm and quest. To hire a Guild Mercenary, click on Menu, Community, Guild, Guild Mercenaries and hire a Guild Member.
Housing You must be level 30 to have access to Housing. When you are level 30, you will see a new Option called "Go to Your Land" when you log out. You will be able to go to your land and buy the land for 10,000 Spina. You will need to learn new a new skill called "Process Material" from Smithing to process items. Then you can start building your house. You can also purchase them from the consignment.
Light and Heavy Armor You can remodel Armor at the blacksmith. Choose Strengthen Equipment and Remodel Armor. Light armor increases Dodge rate and Attack speed but decreases Physical and Magic defense. Heavy armor increases Physical and Magic defense but decreases Dodge rate and Attack speed.
Process Materials You can process all your loots into one of six common materials: Cloth, Wood, Metal, Mana, Medicine, and Beast. These materials can be used for Smithing, Alchemy and Housing. To learn Process Materials, go to Sofya Library and learn Smithing. Then click on Menu, Character, Skills, Smith Skills, and find Process Materials and make it Lv 1. This should give you a new menu item called "Use EX Skills" under Menu, Character, Skills to process your loots.
Exp Guide

Level 25 - The Bitter Nut and Nisel Wood Quests give you 25k Exp and 10k Exp. Hunt Shell Mask at Nisel Mountain and collect as many Bitter Nut and Nisel Wood as you can, then take them to Sofya to turn them in. You can get to level 70 in 1 day doing these quests.

Level 50 - Once you are level 50, you can do the Nightmare Crystal quest. This quest gives you 300k Exp for each stack of Nightmare Crystal. Nightmare Crystal drop from Candela at Douce Hamlet.


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