Toram EN

★ Ancient Empress's Tomb [Usable]
[Monster Drop] Teleport to Ancient Empress' Tomb 0

★ El Scaro [Usable]
[Blacksmith] Teleport to El Scaro 1

★ Ethos Fortress [Usable]
[Monster Drop] Teleport to Ethos Fortress 1

★ Rugio Ruins [Usable]
[Blacksmith] Teleport to Rugio Ruins 0

★ Sofya City [Usable]
[Blacksmith] Teleport to Sofya City 0
Quest: Collect Snacks!

Accuracy Potion [Usable]
[Production] Accuracy 10

Apple [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 250

Baked Sweet Potato [Usable]
[Production] MP 50

Bitter Nut [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 40

Black Gelatin [Usable]
[Monster Drop] Accuracy 0

Black Mist Candy [Usable]
[Production] Guard Rate -5%, Evasion Rate 5%

Blade Oil [Usable]
[Production] Unsheathe Attack 100, Unsheathe Attack 5%

Blue Gelatin [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 10

Blueberry [Usable]
[Monster Drop] Prevents ailment once. Invalid against immobilization. 1

Broiled Puffer Fish Meat [Usable]
[Monster Drop] ATK 3%

Butterfly Float [Usable]
[Production] Dodge 5

Carrot [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 150

Chicken Meat [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MaxHP 80

Chicken Salad [Usable]
[Quest Item] MaxHP 240
Quest: Frente's Cooking

Chicken Tender [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 15

Dark Manor [Usable]
[Monster Drop] Teleport to the Dark Manor 1

Deep-Fried Bean Curd [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MaxHP 5

Dried Persimon [Usable]
[Production] HP 500, HP 1%

Dried Walnut [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MATK 1%

Earth Protection Charm [Usable]
[Production] DEF 5%, MDEF 5%, Earth resistance 10%

Egg [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 50

Fairy Eye Drop [Usable]
[Production] Accuracy 20

Fermented Revita [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 3000

Fire Protection Charm [Usable]
[Production] DEF 5%, MDEF 5%, Fire resistance 10%

Flame Grass [Usable]
[Monster Drop] ATK 5, Fire Element

Flower Nectar [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 10
Quest: Interrupted Traffic

Giga Speed Potion [Usable]
[Production] ASPD 750

Ginkgo Nut Rice [Usable]
[Production] Physical Resistance 25%, Magical Resistance 25%

Gloves of Aiming [Usable]
[Production] Accuracy 40

Grape Chewing Gum [Usable]
[Production] MATK 10, MATK 1%

Green Gelatin [Usable]
[Monster Drop] CSPD 150, CSPD 5%

Green Mushroom [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 250

Guard Potion [Usable]
[Production] Guard Rate 5%

Hard Apple [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 60

Heart Chocolate [Usable]
[Production] HP 30

Heart Cookie [Usable]
[Production] MP 15

Hot Tomato Juice [Usable]
[Production] Dodge 30

Icule Water [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 10

Inspiration Scarf [Usable]
[Production] Dodge -36, Evasion Rate 7%

Jelly Beans [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 800

Lamb Meat [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MaxHP 75

Lime [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 50

Magiadd I [Usable]
[Blacksmith] MaxMP 100
Quest: Can't Excavate!

Magiadd II [Usable]
[Blacksmith] MaxMP 200

Magiadd III [Usable]
[Production] MaxMP 300

Magic Absorption Stone [Usable]
[Production] Attack MP Recovery 6

Magic Amplifier [Usable]
[Production] MATK 30, MATK 3%

Magic Barrier Wand [Usable]
[Production] Magical Resistance 5%

Magic Fragrant Wood [Usable]
[Production] MATK 20, MATK 2%

Mana Supply Stone [Usable]
[Production] Attack MP Recovery 3

Mashed Sweet Potato [Usable]
[Production] Natural MP Regen 100%, MaxMP 200

Matsutake Soup [Usable]
[Production] Attack MP Recovery 10, Weapon ATK 10

Mega Speed Potion [Usable]
[Production] ASPD 500

Mint Gummy [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MATK 10

Muscle Mushroom [Usable]
[Production] ATK 10, ATK 1%

Muscle Oil [Usable]
[Production] ATK 30, ATK 3%

Mushroom [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 50

Nut [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 30

Onigiri [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 120

Osechi [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 10000

Overheat Potion [Usable]
[Production] Dodge 10

Pale Gelatin [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MaxMP 100

Poisonous Mushroom [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP -25

Poisonous-looking Nut [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 80

Power Essence [Usable]
[Production] ATK 20, ATK 2%

Practice Revita [Usable]
[Production] HP 10

Proof of Unity [Usable]
[Production] Can form a guild once 1

Purple Gelatin [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 20

Red Gelatin [Usable]
[Monster Drop] ASPD 300, ASPD 10%

Regera I [Usable]
[Blacksmith] HP 10
Quest: The New Snack

Regera II [Usable]
[Blacksmith] HP 25

Renowned Archer's Beard [Usable]
[Production] Accuracy 30

Resilient Jelly [Usable]
[Monster Drop] ATK -25%, MATK -25%

Revita I [Usable]
[Blacksmith] HP 250
Quest: Sour Nuts

Revita III [Usable]
[Production] HP 1000
Quest: The Cause of Markup

Revita IV [Usable]
[Blacksmith] HP 2000
Quest: Risky Gamble

Roasted Fruit [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 50

Sakura Regera [Usable]
[Blacksmith] HP 60

Sakuramochi [Usable]
[Production] MaxHP 300

Salt-Grilled Saury [Usable]
[Production] Natural HP Regen 100%, MaxHP 1000

Sand Mole Meat [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP -250

Sashimi [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 300

Sashimi Plate [Usable]
[Quest Item] HP 3000
Quest: Sololo's Party

Save Point [Usable]
[Blacksmith] Teleport to the last town you visited 0
Quest: Can't Collect Stone!

Shiny Powder [Usable]
[Production] MDEF 100, Aggro 10%

Shock Absorbing Cream [Usable]
[Production] VIT 7, Guard Power 7%, Guard Rate 7%

Shooting Star Potion [Usable]
[Production] CSPD 300

Soda Water [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 6

Sour Nut [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 60

Speed Potion [Usable]
[Production] ASPD 250
Quest: Powdered Medicine

Stab-Proof Sheet [Usable]
[Production] Physical Resistance 5%

Stardust Magic Potion [Usable]
[Production] CSPD 100

Starlight Potion [Usable]
[Production] CSPD 500

Stimulant [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MP 50

Supplement (Muscle) [Usable]
[Monster Drop] 3 minutes, ATK + 4%, STR + 2%

Sweet Apple [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 500

Toram Liquor [Usable]
[Production] MP 10

Tough Lamb Meat [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MaxHP 750

Tough Meat [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 0

Tricolor Dango [Usable]
[Production] HP 30

Tricolor Dango II [Usable]
[Blacksmith] HP 300

Unripe Nut [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 15

Vaccine I [Usable]
[Production] Prevents ailment once. Invalid against immobilization. 1

Vaccine II [Usable]
[Blacksmith] Prevents ailment once. Invalid against immobilization. 1

Vaccine III [Usable]
[Production] Prevents ailment once. Invalid against immobilization. 1

Vita Plus I [Usable]
[Production] MaxHP 500
Quest: Paste Bait

Vita Plus II [Usable]
[Blacksmith] MaxHP 1000

Vita Plus III [Usable]
[Monster Drop] MaxHP 1500

Water Protection Charm [Usable]
[Production] DEF 5%, MDEF 5%, Water resistance 10%

Wind Protection Charm [Usable]
[Production] DEF 5%, MDEF 5%, Wind resistance 10%


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